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Nov 14, 2011

Mini Mitts

One of the things I started making last summer for my booth at the end-of-August Block Party was  fingerless mitts. Ones that just cover the hands.

My own pattern, in Noro Kureyon and Dream in Color Classy.

I keep a pair tucked into the pocket of my hoodie, others in my beloved Polartec300 jacket, and my coat. There may even be a pair in the….glove (!) compartment of my car.

Since the ribbing is done in DIC, 2 skeins of Kureyon will yield 3 sets of these fraternal twins.

On colder days, I can slip on a pair of those ultra-thin, extra-cheap gloves underneath. I then have layered warmth and still have the dextrous use of my fingers.  On the really, really cold days…oh, I don’t want to be out on those anyway.

Since it was 80+ the day of the block party, I sold no mitts.
I have higher expectations for them at the December downtown Terre Haute  event, Miracle on 7th Street, where I’ll have some things for sale at RiverWools.

Another thing about these mitts. I’m going to say this very softly: I harbor a secret desire to design and write knitting patterns. And this might be the first one I try to write up.



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