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Apr 27, 2017


I think I am using up all my online communication allowance on Facebook. My blog became sparse and sporadic when I found my way there. Wondering today if it has to be either/or.

The very next day after my last post I got sick with the Coughing Thing That Lasts Six Weeks. And I found myself unable to resume working on the 365 Embroidery. I've given myself permission to let it go. The illness and the direction I want to take with stitching have moved me into a different space.

On the ottoman are bits and pieces of what I am playing with:

Nothing is finished. Little is connected. The bits are afraid of commitment.
(Pottery faces come from Lyn Belisle's Etsy shop Earth Shards, which is on a break at the time of this writing.)

A lot is going on inside me, I seem to be moving into a different space. Always becoming. Never finished. C'est moi.

Different relationships are springing up between me and fiber arts. For a time, knitting and crochet were giving me no pleasure, so I stopped. Now I am knitting again, and finding the rhythms useful.

I am remembering 'small is beautiful.' Letting go of the notion I will ever create large works in fiber, those sculptural pieces that dance in my head, that require installation and large spaces for display, storage. No, I work small. I like  working small. Right now that is taking the form of these pouches:

Knitted body, crocheted top edge. Trying to write up a pattern. I think it is simple, that it will be good practice for pattern writing. But I find myself getting lost in trying to explain every detail. Every little nuance of the way I've made these, or perhaps the why.

Can't I just write: "Thread drawcord through the dc round'?
Must I write: "Thread drawcord through the  dc round, over one dc, under two dc, ending with at least one or two dc between the ends of drawcord" because I've found that threading pattern is most pleasing to me?

I think I must simplify, be concise. Allow whoever might use the pattern to find their own just-right threading and finishing touches.

What goes in these pouches? Little treasures, crystals, herbs, I think.


At 4/30/17, 9:28 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

I agree about facebook. I've been there less while doing the A to Z. Hope I keep it up.
Looks like you are working on some interesting stuff. The little faces...

Finding Eliza

At 4/30/17, 10:15 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Yes, Kris - I am working to face the reality of how I've been spending my time. I need to direct more of it to art, to writing. Hopefully, I will get the priorities right. And soon!


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