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Apr 13, 2015

PoMoSco - Days 11, 12, 13

PoMoSco - Day 11
Badge: Haiku Anew

Directives: Choose a haiku and using the Haiku Discombobulator ,  create another.

My source: an Issa haiku

My discombobulated haiku:
Twilight Woman


PoMoSco - Day 12
Badge: Pinch an Inch

Directives: Draw an inch-wide column down a page or pages of source text, either left, right or down the middle. Create a word bank using only words found in that inch. Craft a poem from them.

My source: Plant Healer Magazine No. 14
(This is an gorgeous, useful digital magazine, check it out if you are an herb/plant lover)

My poem:

This is another found poem that turned out to be quite personal, about my mother with Alzheimer's.

PoMoSco - Day 13
Badge: Picture It

Directives: Use erasure/redacting techniques to bring out words for a poem, add visuals to the page with drawing, collage, etc.

My source: 
Burch, Noel. Theory of Film Practice.

My poem: 
Structures of Aggression


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