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May 13, 2013

Art in the Garden

These days I am doing much more writing and thinking and reading than working on my fiber arts. So I haven't really had much new to share here. Today I begin my intensive focus on Saori weaving, so hopefully that will change.  Meanwhile I'll post some things this week about what I have been doing

This weekend, my participation in a show called Art in the Garden gave me solid support for expanding my work focus - expanding, rather than shifting, for I fully intend to keep working on my writing daily as well.  The show was a lot of fun. I sold a few things and sat in a nice wisteria gazebo and wove on my small tri-loom when I wasn't chatting.

The chatting was important. I got feedback on my work, and had the opportunity to talk about it, about how I work and a little bit about my aesthetic.

Most fun of all, was meeting a 6 year old named Liam (center, in the pic above) who visited me as I was setting up, asked a lot of questions about how things were created, listened well to the answers and became my promoter for the day, after receiving an advance payment of a felted river rock. I heard he was running about saying, "There's a famous artist over there. Go see!" He even brought me apples and lemonade when I mentioned I was a bit hungry.  Every artist should have a solicitous, attentive assistant like that!

It is also lovely to do a show with an attentive organizer! Heather Wolf owns the gift shop Willow here in Terre Haute where this event took place. She made sure I had the table and chair I needed, space with some shade, and brought me salad (with a choice of dressing - great gazebo service!) and water.  She also made up nice signs to post at each artist's spot.

If you've been reading this blog awhile, you've probably seen everything in these photos! This was a fun set-up and didn't take long at all. I feel like I kept it relatively simple. Sometimes I think my displays can be rather overwhelmingly busy and the beauty of an individual object gets lost. 


At 5/25/13, 4:10 PM, Blogger DJ said...

What a glorious array of colors and textures you have created, Zann!
Just finished a basic weaving project with my ninth graders and who just picked it up & ran with it? My young boys! It was hands-on, and they made some awesome objects for a first-time experience. Thanks for your validation in an explosion of color that makes me happy. Love & Laughter, DJ


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