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Oct 22, 2012

Block Party Banner 2

I finally completed the weaving-in of ends and border crochet on the banner which was worked on at the late August Downtown Block Party in the RiverWools booth.   In planning this activity, I had in mind  Saori free weaving principles applied to knitting. I created a knitted base varying stitches and colors randomly and using lots of yarn overs to make holes.  Details in this post.

I then packed up a variety of things, ready to invite people to weave and stitch them onto the base fabric: yarns in various colors, thicknesses and textures, felted balls and pompoms, recycled silk sari ribbon and pieces of recycled silk textiles.

Afterwards, my granddaughter and I completed more of the embellishment and I crocheted around the edges twice, one round of single crochet and a round of slip stitch.

The result is a loooooong banner that is now hanging in a perfect spot in my hallway.  Eventually, it will make its way to RiverWools to be displayed, but for now I'd like to live with it for a bit.

This was a lot of fun. The kids at the Block Party enjoyed it a lot and became very engaged. So did I!



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