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Jul 5, 2010


 subTerreanean was a collaborative project that grew out of the monthly poetry readings I cohost at Coffee Grounds.

The idea: in the grand tradition of 'let's put on a show', at the January reading I said 'let's put on a book!'
We asked people to contribute 200 copies of a page of their own design with poetry and artwork and arranged a fabulous copying price ($10 for 200 copies front and back) for participants with a local printing shop, Big Picture Data Imaging. Twenty-two people responded to the call.

During this project, Sarah Long (my reading cohost) and I decided to create the Third Thursday Poetry Asylum, a sort of imaginary, moveable venue, for events and projects that grow from the Poetry at the Grounds Readings. We call ourselves the Groundskeepers.

We asked local artists Myke Flaherty and Sasha Krasutsky to design covers and interior pages.  Then we had a weekend-long session of collating, stapling and numbering the 200 copies.
l-r Colleen Chestnut, tiny bit of Sasha Krasutsky, Myke Flaherty, Zann Carter, Sarah Dillon

Sarah Long

Zann Carter

Finally, we made special envelopes for distributing copies to contributors and those who helped pull this together.

You can read a little more about subTerreanean and even download a pdf here.

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