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Nov 28, 2009

Weaving - Shaman's Stone

My second Saori-inspired weaving adventure.

I wanted to choose a more neutral palette and remembered a whole bin of yarn I'd gathered to do some free-range knitting in the manner of Jane Thornley.
And, as these things happen, I realized these colors connect with the series of pieces in my head called Shaman's Stone, one of which I've already done. It's the second scarf in this post.

An interesting thing happened in the finishing process.
The warp is Fox Fibre 3/2 organic cotton, color Oatmeal.  I'd completely forgotten that much Fox Fibre does a color transformation when exposed to hot water - it darkens. Dramatically, if boiled.
In this case, it was just hot tap water, and I was amazed and delighted to see a piece that seemed very pale, too pale, darken almost the minute it got into the water. The warp became a very deep tan color.
And it changed the whole piece entirely, both in a physical sense, and in its spirit. That serendipitous
transformation was magical to me.

As it dried again, the warp lightened considerably, but still remained darker than before.  I don't know if the effect is so apparent from these pictures, but I'll have a go at trying to demonstrate it with them.

Here is the piece in process, when I photographed one of those beetles that looks like a ladybug. There are a few buzzing around the basement, and one suddenly dropped in on the weaving.

Here is a detail picture after washing:

and another detail:

Above is where I got literal with the vision of Shaman's Stones.
There's definitely a story to go with these pieces.
I just haven't heard it yet.

I didn't give Saori links before, but here are a couple:
Saori SaltSpring
Saori Worcester - page on Way of Saori

And Saori Worcester's huge page of Saori links.

Lest you think I've abandoned knitting, here's what's on the needles (besides the 30 UFO's previously mentioned a few posts back) and being actively, regularly attended to:

This will be the Aestlight Shawl designed by Gudrun Johnston.
Yes, will be. I will finish it.
Not only because I love the design, but because I am knitting it of yarn spun from a star-bedazzled sky.
(Yes, it's Dream in Color "Starry" in colorway Night Watch. Real silver fibers. More magick!)

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Nov 17, 2009

Weaving - Saori Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago, I became so inspired by my discovery of Saori weaving (an intuitive, Zen, free weaving initiative originating in Japan) that I somehow overcame my warp aversion and dressed my Ashford 12" Knitters Loom.  And enjoyed it!

The picture above is the momentous moment of cutting that warp from the loom after I finished my first piece.  And here it is.

What a revelation, what a joy to weave without a chart, a plan, any goal other than to play with color and line and texture.  To be finished when it felt finished.
Warp: 3/2 mercerized cotton, 10 dent rigid heddle.
Weft: hand-dyed thick/thin cotton, handspun wool, silk, various other wools

detail of a favorite part - this is handspun from some hand-dyed Winderwood Farm wool.

another favorite part - a thick/thin silk from Habu Textiles

Do a search on "saori weaving" if you're interested in learning more. There are so many interesting tidbits here and there I didn't want to link to just one.

Blissfully weaving, more to come...

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