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Jul 23, 2009

Well, guess I wasn't back after all....

My primary focus right now is on my quest to lose weight & get fit. That is going well and I post about it once a week or so on my other blog.

I haven't been writing here much because I don't feel like I'm doing anything exciting fiber-wise. And I have no pictures.

I have frogged a couple of projects and that is definitely a freeing process, though getting to the point of letting something go is difficult for me. I'm that person who saves all kinds of stuff because I might need it, or it just needs a little work to become something fantastically useful...

I'm knitting a hat in Dream In Color Classy - my granddaughter Raven is knitting the same pattern and it's very exciting to see her beginning knitting on double-points.

It's kind of an unsettling and dynamic time for me. I have some pieces in the gallery at Arts Illiana and am trying to get myself in a frame of mind and time to work more regularly on my art. It's hard - lots of community service commitments and upcoming fall events to which I'm having to devote time and thought.

Hopefully, I'm going to get the balance right one of these days...