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Apr 26, 2007

a very quick note

I have been very busy with a lot of details involved in the planning of the workshop on using the arts as a path through grief and loss. I've also been rather stunned at how difficult it has been for me to go back through my poetry and artwork of the past year so I can share it during the workshop.

I shouldn't be so stunned.

I should have known that those feelings are powerful and enduring and remembered that an ocean of tears is just below my surface.

I'm having a hard time, though, preparing the talk I am to give in the opening session. I have decided to treat it as a poetry reading and build it around some of my poems, most of them posted here when I wrote them.

More in a few days. I just wanted to check in.
(And I will have two new shawls to share - one which I did entirely in the random lace! )


At 5/14/07, 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zann, I am thinking of you, and I know that people telling you that, or that you are in their prayers, or that you are so brave, and everything else can't even soak up one of those tears in your ocean.
I am continually touched by what you do, and treating your next project like a poetry reading sounds perfect, and what a way to relate to someone else. Words may fail at times, but not the way you write them.
Also, can't wait to see those shawls.
Take care of yourself. Are there mushrooms in Indiana now?


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