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Apr 11, 2007

Tri-loom / Freeform Crochet Scarf

Here's a new scarf I've done with 9 triangles woven on the 12" tri-loom with 1/2" nail spacing. This generally gives me a loosely-woven tri and I'm enjoying working with this weave. This is done on the first tri-loom I got, from Laffing Horse/Common Threads.

The yarn is a thick'n'thin cotton with polyester binder, hand-dyed and purchased quite awhile back from Over the Rainbow yarns on eBay. Mary Ann hasn't offered this cotton in a long time, and I love working with it, so I'm glad I bought and stashed about 8 skeins. Each skein has about 375 yards and is enough for a knitted shawl or 3 of these woven/crocheted scarves.

I love the way it looks woven. Here are a couple of detail pics:

I joined the triangles with lines of freeform crochet, and was pleased with the way the triangles curved and distorted a bit. My freeform here consists mostly of sc and slip stitch, free in number and direction, rather than a lot of variation in stitches.

This feels nice and drapes well. Here are some different ways to wear it:

After Friday, I will post about a very special shawl I've made of this yarn....



At 4/12/07, 7:41 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Looks very cozy. I can see myself pulling that one out to wear quite often. Can't wait to read about the shawl.

At 4/14/07, 8:58 AM, Blogger Kathleen said...

What a beautiful color!


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