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Apr 2, 2007

Three Works in Progress and a Finished Object

I took this picture last week, while busily working on three projects at once. I had them all out before me as I worked a bit on this one, a bit on that. Short attention span knitting. It made me quite happy inside to see the colors and fiber all together like that.

What we have here (clockwise from the top left) are two (yes, two!) more Round Trip Jackets and a Clapotis and three different Noro yarns.

I am making a Round Trip for my sister in Iro 61 (same as the pink/purple one I posted earlier), a Round Trip for me in Kochoran 18 and the Clapotis in Silk Garden 87.

(Actually, I have now finished my sister's RT. It is awaiting a bit of steaming and it shall be packed up and sent off by the end of the day. )

I started the Kochoran RT at about the same time I began my sister's. This pattern knits up fast when you do the bulkier yarn version. I'll post photos and construction details on the Kochoran when it's complete.

This is the second Clapotis I've done. The first I did in a fairly solid Mountain Colors Mountain Goat. I made it smaller than the pattern and thought it was ingenious and satisfying to knit, but wasn't terribly excited about the final piece. This one is full size and has all the excitement and change Noro provides. All the stitch markers are a visual delight as I work -- the ones I'm using are Susan Aguirre's Goddess Guards in purple and green with a couple of the ones made by Peacock, my wonderful Secret Pal 7 benefactress.

Clapotis has been my carry-around of late and I'm already contemplating doing another!

Oh, and here's the lace stole completed. But I feel like it needs Something on the ends - it's so long already, though, that I hesitate to do fringe. I'm seriously thinking of gathering the ends and doing a tassel sort of thing....

Weellllll...maybe not...
Here's to making all the UFOs and WIPS into FOs!


At 4/3/07, 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely projects -- I think the lace would look verra nice with some tassles.


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