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Mar 29, 2022

ArtsIlliana Gallery Show Acceptance

 (I hate to see Lizards In The Leaves languish so. Looks like the only way I'll be able to put some life back into this  blog is to post my Instagram pics and thoughts.  Which will be very redundant for anyone who follows me on social media. Except I'll probably be inspired to add a little something here to expand on the post.)

These three pieces were accepted for the next ArtsIlliana gallery show and were delivered Saturday.

What a boost to my spirit it was to even submit in the first place.

I am taking it slowly, but trying to emerge. It’s a new life. With new rules and expectations. And I am not calling anything any kind of ‘normal.’

Mending The Ghostskin (2021)
8.5” X 11”
Cotton fabric, vintage hand-dyed remnants,
 hand-dyed cotton embroidery floss,
appliqued, stitched, embroidered.


Charm For Moments Of Equanimity (2021)
3.75” x 7”
Cotton warp, wool weft with reclaimed
sari silk yarn & ribbon,
kantha quilt remnants, clay face*,
woven, stitched, braided, tied

Charm for Sun & Bluest Skies (2021)
3.5” x 7”
Cotton warp, reclaimed sari silk ribbon,
 kantha quilt remnants,
vintage plastic button,
woven, stitched, braided, tied

*Face by Lyn Belisle.
Her Etsy shop is Earthshards


At 3/29/22, 1:10 PM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

Dearest Zann, Fabulous pieces, as usual, I LOVE GHOST SKIN! I can not follow you on social media as we are boycotting FB and twitter and Instagram, principle!So i am thrilled that you still have your old faithful blog! Good works by Zann ever creative and heartfelt. I LOVE seeing these.

At 3/29/22, 1:53 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Oh, Linda - thank you!
I am looking forward to posting more here. And I'm glad to know I will at least have one reader who hasn't seen it! I am on FB less and less, preferring IG (though, ugh, same awful company.)
Would love to see some of your work again, too. You posting it anywhere?

At 3/30/22, 11:11 AM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

Hello Ms. Zann- I have a blog. Not much gets posted there but nonsense.

At 3/30/22, 9:38 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

I am here too! So glad to see you and your work. Yes this immerging feels any thing but normal.

At 3/31/22, 11:05 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Hi, Kris!! I'm thrilled to be in touch this way with you and Linda above, two intrepid, smart women who dumped Facebook.


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