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Nov 23, 2016

Weaving Again & With Sophia, Too!

Sophia hasn't woven with me since 2010, when I got the Saori loom. She was five.

 She's here this week on her Thanksgiving break and she's eleven now and she's weaving again!

Perhaps if I was weaving more (hint, hint to self) she would be, too.  Hoping this is the beginning of renewed shared creative work with Sophia. As she has gotten older and started middle school, we've struggled a bit to find things to do that we both enjoy.

While Sophia is on the Saori loom, I'm on the rigid heddle, working on a warp that has been languishing for...oh, a year?  It feels so good to be weaving again.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to finish this languishing piece. The loom is meant for children and it's quite a nice one, made by Melissa and Doug. I paid $28 for it on Amazon last year, but it is often priced lower - it was $18 recently and, as I'm writing, it's $21. Well worth it!!

I did warp it with 3 strands in each slot, so was able to get a denser weave. I used a thick/thin hand-dyed cotton for both warp and weft. I also added some cotton carpet warp to make the section that floats on the surface.

I've hung it on one of my sanded and beeswaxed branches.  It's called 'A Way Through.'