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Jan 1, 2016

Unmitigated Joy

Instead of resolutions, which I haven't made in years, I am making kind of a 2016 mission statement.  Reserving the right to change it at any time, here is this morning's version:

To be fully in each moment. To savor. To engage with joy as often and deeply as possible. 

Unmitigated joy.
To be centered, grounded. To honor my boundaries and those of other people.  To create expressive and interesting things. To bring creative forces into play wherever I can. To play as if it is my work. To work as if work is play. To caring for my body with love and hope. To love my body and hold it in esteem and gratitude. To honor my body. To speak kindly. To cultivate patience. To make meaning.

My Word For The Year is: 


with another word that wants in on this:          honor

Savor - to enjoy and appreciate completely, esp. by dwelling on it
Honor - regard with great respect

And so it is.

This was my first Instagram post of 2016:

What joy! To get up after finishing my first poem of 2016 and see, for the first time in nearly a week, the sun shining into my house. Shining on a loom!