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Nov 22, 2015

Slow Time and Sacred Hearts

This lady. 

She is about slow time, smelling roses, healing, dreaming.

She is me these last couple of months.

There was a trip East, writing poetry, a reading at the invitation of the state Poet Laureate, three publications, two weavings sold in a show, then cataract surgery. The second eye done less than three weeks ago. 

I am having a frustrating time with visual work, dealing with the loss of any clarity in near vision (cheap reading glasses suffice for the time being)and the astonishing ability to see things across the yard, birds in the sky, without glasses. 

It's odd to see my feet look bigger. Driving is awkward. There is neurological adjustment to make, eyes + brain in a new partnership. And it's disconcerting to not have putting on glasses be the first thing upon awakening and the last thing before sleep. After 56 years of that being so.
So I take it slow these days. Re-watching all the Star Treks, writing poetry, knitting, and (inspired after an online class*) finding some pleasure in stitching these small hearts.

* Stitching Sacred Hearts by Kelli May-Krenz
"Slowing Time" clay sculpture from Bell Pine Art Farm
(NOT affiliate links, just giving credit for beautiful things)