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May 26, 2015

Weaving Again

Finally finished this.
(Only admitting this to show solidarity with others who might take three years to finish a project and allow their looms to languish. There are others, aren't there?  Aren't there?)

I had such a long pause in the weaving that I knew it was going to look different if I tried to continue with the same yarns, so I decided to change yarns completely.

The first part of this was very slow going, with finer yarns, lots of treasures laid in.  So when I committed myself to finishing this, I chose to go quickly with two colorways of Noro Kibou in clasped weft.  And it was, in the Saori way, done with shining eyes and self-expressive of my needs and desires of the moment.

I have it rolled up right now, awaiting my decision on what to make - I am thinking of  a vest and a tunic.  Meanwhile, I'm threading up a 20-meter pre-rolled black cotton warp...

May 13, 2015

The final two PoMoSco poems

PoMoSco is over and I did it!
I completed all the badges and get to be a "Laureate Scout."

As the site will be closed to the public after May, I am now going back to edit previous entries and post my poems directly on the blog, rather than just the links.  Not worrying about the 'previously published' issue, as I'm not going to be submitting any of these for publication.

I am very happy that I completed this project, although I am not all that happy with most of the poems I found.  I spent most of the month dealing with a kidney stone and having to have a procedure under general anesthesia. I lost momentum and some enjoyment early on.  By mid-month, it became mostly about finishing.  But I'm okay with that. It always does me some good to complete a project because I have such a track record of NOT completing things!

Here are the last two badges/poems:

PoMoSco - Day 29
Badge: Interloper

Directive: Attend a public meeting, event, etc., one that you would not normally attend. Using only words and phrases spoken at the meeting, create a poem.

My poem:

Renovations For A Really Fun Year

We’ll have:
multi-functional space
new space
contained space
technical space
dramatic space

Spaces for:
works of art
women’s history
card playing
a stuffed rattlesnake ready to bite
a Native American Medicine Wheel
horses coming down the stairs

We’ll have a building
for a bluegrass band
outlined in red.
People can:
make friends with artists
perform a skit
host a tea
improve their balance
get engaged
potty-train their little ones
write on the wall
party with Edgar Allan Poe

We’re not knocking down walls.
We have multiple ways of building.

We can shift our attention,
accept the changes that need to happen,
amend the memo of understanding.

We’ll focus on energy cohesion,
all the parameters of community.
We’ll design an architectural shotgun!

All in favor
say ‘Aye.’

[Source: Meeting of the Board of the Vigo County Public Library in Terre Haute, IN  April 20, 2015]

PoMoSco-Day 30
Badge: Chance Walk

Directive: Take a walk, flipping a coin at crossroads to determine direction. Craft a poem from words seen on the walk.

My poem:

imagine create pretend in emergency push


Skygarden -
no skateboards,
no trespassing.
exit. Exit. Exit.
Listen to the birds.
Find a flower or a tree.

Open in love.
Open river.
Nightclub. Cafe.
Parlor. Museum.
Open. Open. Open.
Stand inside (or outside)
the square.

A cupola once graced.
See a bird?
What do you see?
What rhymes with tree?

New fiction, large print.
Look around for stories,
crazy stories,
silly stories,
unlimited possibilities.

to move like an animal.
Caution. Cuidado. Attention.
Caution. Cuidado. Attention.
Caution. Cuidado. Attention.

Stand in the circles looking
at each other.
Make each other smile or laugh
Talk about it.
Take turns.

[My chance walk in Terre Haute, IN was interrupted by weather twice, and then I had surgery and was unable to get out for another try. So this piece is created from words noted on both attempts, the first started east on Wabash Avenue & south on 7th Street, the second started north on 7th Street & Poplar, then had to go inside the public library. Seems like chance was determined for this as much by weather as the coin flip!]