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Aug 4, 2015

Midnight Riff and Maysville carpet warp

Finished Midnight Riff with long braided and knotted fringe and hung it from a gathered stick which I sanded and polished with beeswax polish. The 'stick practice' is something I do as a conscious, spiritual practice and I should perhaps do a post about that one of these days.

MIdnight Riff was woven on a 10" Cricket loom, dressed using mostly Maysville cotton rug warp. I love that cotton. It is unmercerized and isn't a fine yarn at 1680 ypp  (size 8/4), but it comes in a nice lot of colors and it's sold on small 800-yd. tubes at $8-9 each, rather than pound cones at $18-24. A stash of these doesn't require a lot of space to store either. I keep more than 20 in a drawer (I lucked out in getting a large number of these at a yard sale!)

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At 8/4/15, 12:55 PM, Blogger Reticula said...

Please do post about your stick practice. I'm intrigued.

At 8/4/15, 11:05 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hello, it's me Ana :)


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