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May 26, 2015

Weaving Again

Finally finished this.
(Only admitting this to show solidarity with others who might take three years to finish a project and allow their looms to languish. There are others, aren't there?  Aren't there?)

I had such a long pause in the weaving that I knew it was going to look different if I tried to continue with the same yarns, so I decided to change yarns completely.

The first part of this was very slow going, with finer yarns, lots of treasures laid in.  So when I committed myself to finishing this, I chose to go quickly with two colorways of Noro Kibou in clasped weft.  And it was, in the Saori way, done with shining eyes and self-expressive of my needs and desires of the moment.

I have it rolled up right now, awaiting my decision on what to make - I am thinking of  a vest and a tunic.  Meanwhile, I'm threading up a 20-meter pre-rolled black cotton warp...


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