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Jun 6, 2013

WIP Wants To Be A Vest

At that point in putting this piece together where it feels scary - it needs to become a particular form. So far I have only done wraps in this technique, woven shapes joined and embellished with freeform crochet. And those have sometimes been difficult to shape. But since I began, I have known this piece was probably going to be a different kind of garment.

I am trying to approach this in the Saori way - as an expression of myself, with joy in the making. It becomes less scary when I do that.

I remember reading an artist's page where she talked about her amazing textile jewelry & wearable art as a 'site-specific installation,' the site, of course, being a human body.  That thought helps, too.

Yesterday I realized that one stage of this was complete and that to continue, I needed to move to working with Zelda. 

So here I am, pieces pinned to Zelda, an addition to the back to make the connection for neck and shoulders.  It becomes more fiddley now, as I work on the form to see where to add pieces, take it off to work on them in my lap, put it back on to see if it actually works.  Scary. Scary fun.