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Mar 13, 2013

Tender Week

So today I’m having one of those “i should be doing X, but I don’t feel like doing X and I feel guilty as hell for not doing X and for getting up so late I feel most of the day is gone….etc., etc.” days.

And then I’m being strongly drawn to acknowledging this as the week before the anniversary of Patrick’s death, a week that is a pause of sorts. A week out of time. A week where maybe I should be kind to myself and not judgmental. A week where I should just sit with the wounded part of me.  Sit and allow safe passage for what wants to flow through. 

The more I think along those lines, the more right it seems. It is at these points on the Spiral, when we come ‘round again to times of tragic events, that we learn most and grow stronger.

And I have new tools this year - a set of stones specifically gathered by Athena, Sage Goddess for grief and loss: moss agate, rhodochrosite, apache tear obsidian, and one gorgeous hunk of quartz, to power it up.

The Hermit card is being studied in my Tarot group this week. 
My soul card. 
A card about seeking light in solitude.

 from The Wild Unknown Tarot
(new printing in progress)

 from The Wheel of Change Tarot
(sadly op, no firm date on reprint)

...And my Nana Buruku  from Dancing Goddess Dolls

Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Oh, yes, I have Tools.