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Dec 29, 2012

Twelve Holy Nights Project Begun

Just a little spiritual writing project I’m doing.

For the past few years, I’ve gotten the Sulamith Wulfing wall calendar put out by Amber Lotus with text by Lunaea Weatherstone. I love Wulfing’s work - it seems to have a direct line to Soul and Spirit. Lunaea’s words also deeply touch me. She manages to pack a great deal of spiritual thought-food into a basket of very few words. Her writing for the Wulfing pictures in the Mother's Wisdom deck was part of how I met each day in the year after my son died and I often give that as a gift to people suffering loss or troubling life challenges.   I was disappointed then to get the 2013 calendar and discover no accompanying text at all - Amber Lotus had not chosen to have Lunaea write for this year.

 It occurred to me that perhaps I could discover and write some wisdom for the calendar myself. That notion came together with my desire to acknowledge, in some simple way, the Twelve Holy Nights of Christmas. In several places in my wandering online, I read about connecting the Nights with the months of the coming new year - on the first night, one meditates on January, perhaps envisioning an overall mood for the month, or things one would like to accomplish. And so on, with each night focusing on the next month in succession.

Riffing on this,  I decided to write captions for each month’s Wulfing calendar picture as my meditation for each Holy Night.   I am making mine very personal, reflecting the seasons, rhythms and needs in my own life,  and it is clear I am writing messages to myself for the coming year.  Here are the first three months of the year...months which encompass  dates of great joy and great loss for me. Both Patrick's and my mother's birthdays come, and then their deathdays. And the death of my first husband, father of my eldest sons. This time also holds the birth and death of a dear friend, Michael, his dates bookending these months - he was born on New Yeark's Eve and died on Easter Day in 1991, which was March 31.

 In the last few years, I have seriously retreated during these months - they are a time for deep inner work and reflection. Working with these images for the Twelve Holy Nights seems the perfect way to move into the mood and energy of this time for me.

Here are the  images I've worked with the past three Nights.

Night One



Listen to the Storyteller. There is great wisdom in her stories. She can teach you to tell your own stories. Listen well. What is the story you will live into this year? What is the story you want to tell? Begin with once upon a time…

Night Two


Comfort Each Other

In deepest sorrow, we often draw inward and become isolated, even when others are grieving the same loss. Reach out to comfort and, in turn, be comforted.

Night Three



Come to Mother Earth with your pain and loss. Release it to Her for transformation. Let Her ground you. Soon your own Light will illuminate your surroundings. Be open for Signs.

blessed be