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May 10, 2011

Poor Tulips

Every year, a group of red red tulips pops up by the garage. Every year, squirrels (or someone) eats them. This year, they seemed to be staying there longer than usual and I've been enjoying them as part of my view from the back porch.
Alas, we had a storm that whipped through here Saturday night that was quite nasty. At least 10 minutes of hail more intense and louder than I've ever heard in my life and then a battering rain so intense the storm drains were overwhelmed and my street became a river that reached over the curb, the sidewalk and up into my yard.  I'm left with a bunch of debris stuck in the undercarriage of my car and....poor tulips.

I grabbed up a tote basket and collected the petals, thinking I might add them to some weaving as in Homefree's blog entry here.


I've been spending a lot of time outside in the yard with Clover - whenever the sun is shining and the temperatures aren't too chilly. We are having lovely days - one at a time.  Being there. Present in each moment. Dog time and dog mind...

I began picking up bits of plant from the grass and made a couple of things while we were outside the other day.

 Storm Charm I

Storm Charm II

And today, I'm packing for a wonderful trip to Boston. This is big for me. I've had travel phobias that have kept me here in this city for....well, many many years. Well over a decade.  I have my son Shaun to thank for getting me to try this.  Last year, he said he wanted to make sure I got to Boston to see my eldest son Ian and his wife Lisa.  'In the spring,' he said, 'I'll make all the arrangements. You'll just have to pack and come along.'

The thought of doing this was like the seed of a beautiful, exotic flower - it sprouted, grew, bloomed in my heart.  I even planned a trip within the trip...on Friday Ian will drive me to Worcester and I will spend two days at an intensive Saori  weaving workshop here.

So....I will miss my husband and I'm worried about Clover missing me, but all in all, making this trip is a very good thing for me. Healing, I think.