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Oct 2, 2010


Writing a blog post about blogging is a bit like writing a poem about being a poet - just something I don't like to do very often. I'm doing it now because I want to clarify my thinking about this blog, what I'd like this blog to be, and the reality of what this blog is.

I wish I could figure out a way to live This Very Busy Life and keep up with blogging about it.  I think it's the pictures that are my problem.

One, taking pictures in the first place.  Documenting experiences changes the way I experience something, takes me right out of that moment of life, and into a place where I am observing that moment, thinking about how I want to capture that moment, and thinking about for whom I am capturing that moment.  Whatever I'm thinking about, I'm not fully in that moment and experiencing it.  I don't much like that, so I don't take a lot of pictures in the midst of things.

Two, when I do take pictures, I take a lot.  And there's a huge time/decision/editing process I always seem to go through to do a blog post with pictures.

I really want this blog to be a several-posts a week blog. I want to share my artist's journey here in an ongoing way.  So I'm going to have to deal with the picture issue and maybe sometimes make a blog post without a picture.  And maybe keep the posts short.