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Aug 20, 2010

Saori Weaving - My Loom Arrives

Ah, in the midst of a turbulent time, the object of my grant application desire arrived! It arrived in the middle of the day we're having a college graduation celebration for our daughter Molly (along with a reception for her first photography exhibit followed by our monthly poetry reading.)

It arrived just minutes after I'd gone to my spiritual room, drew a Tarot card, designating it to be representative of "what will give me peace" and turned it over to see the XIII Major Arcana Death card.  I am happy to say that I laughed, that it first seemed like a smartass literal joke from the Universe and that I found it absolutely spot-on in the less-literal and most-usual reading of the Death card is that it is about change, loss, transformation, letting go.

All of which I am experiencing in abundance right now.  Molly's graduation and leaving for some travel and then the east coast is a huge crossroads moment in my life. One where I see her road is leading away from mine (though I've no doubt both wind and turn and cross again.)

And so, the loom arrived in the midst of all this sense of change, loss, and letting go. And it seems a symbol of my newest journey, and an artistic exploration that will lead me to transformation....and, maybe, moments of peace.

 The package.

The main frame of the loom, unfolded right out of the box. I was SO pleased that it fits right into the space I made for it, on the sad linoleum between the beat-up file cabinet I've had for more than three decades, and a dilapidated shelf rescued from the flood of '93. Obviously, I'm not waiting for an invitation from Somerset to profile my fine studio space.

This is the box of inner parts and accessories for the loom.  At this point, I was seriously worried there might be no directions.

Ah ha! A piece of paper!


This is the reed cap, and though everything from the shipping box to the directions had the word "SAORI" on it, it was the sight of this piece of wood that has "SAORI" front and center on the loom that brought tears to my eyes.

Blissful sigh.

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At 8/20/10, 8:31 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Of all the creative ladies I know of - YOU and this loom go together! It has always been a dream of mine... please allow me to live it vicariously through you!

At 8/21/10, 8:56 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

It would be my honor, Michele!

At 8/21/10, 8:49 PM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

and what will this loom do? I am so curious to see the wonders! It is beautiful all on its own!

At 7/22/16, 4:08 PM, Blogger Raine said...

Dear 'Zann I am a retired fiber artist in western Ohio...close to you.
I am so in love with the Saori 60 loom, but cannot afford it. So my husband said he would build me one. I will buy the heddles and reed. I was wondering if your Saori book would have any instructions that would help him. I know you have a folding model, but I thought it would help.
I will gladly pay you to copy a few info. pages for me. Then I can order the heddles, etc.
My grandfather was an electrician, but when he got MS and could no longer climb poles, etc. safely he build himself a weaving studio. I spent many hours there as a child. So it is in my blood.
I do not have a Saori dealer close. Wouild appreciate any help. Thanks Raine

At 7/23/16, 12:18 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Hi Raine - I don't think any pictures in the very minimal instruction book would be any more useful than images you would be able to find by googling. Saori Weaving is a freestyle weaving that one can do on any loom that can make the two basic sheds for tabby weaving. I started out doing Saori on my rigid heddle loom.
Before I got the grant that enabled me to buy the Saori, I was thinking of getting a Baby Wolf. I think I would have been able to weaving Saori-style quite well, using just two harnesses of the four (and I'd still have the four harnesses for more complex threading.

What truly sets apart the Saori loom from other small floor looms ( besides the folding aspect of the one I have - other Saori models don't fold) is the ability change projects if you buy an extra 'inside set' (two harnesses/heddles & reed) and to use a pre-wound warp and various accessories that allow for easier threading. Many people have even found ways to utilize the pre-wounds on standard looms, as well as use the nifty accessories like clipping tie rods.

Saori also has tools that help modify the looms to accommodate various disabilities.

The bobbin winder attached right to the loom is nice as well.

If it isn't important to you to use pre-wound warps or to switch projects-in-progress, you could use any loom that will give you two sheds. If you are on Facebook, there are a couple of Saori groups that are very inspiring and helpful. A couple not so helpful. Send me a Friend request on Facebook and I will direct you to the friendliest ones. There is a link to my Facebook on the sidebar.

Joy in weaving!


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