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Dec 25, 2008

Merry, merry

Well, I didn't put up a tree this year, just a Christmas Star. It just seems like a year to allow my spirit to explore the meaning of this time of year in a different way.

Must share the wonderful "tree" of Judy Hudson, a weaver on the Yahoo tri-loom list:

Don't you LOVE this????

Since her loom was taking up the living room space and she had put off getting a tree until awfully close to Christmas, she decided to just decorate the loom!
Creative fiber people so rock!!!

Wishing for all peace, love, joy...

Dec 8, 2008

morning glories past

Back in October, my friend Stephanie had the most glorious morning glories.
I took lots of pictures. Here's two:
ahhhh, those heart-shaped leaves....
and that star in the center....

Once I dreamed that morning glory vines were growing up my arm.

Morning glories and moonflowers, two of my favorite flowers.
High on my short list of possible tattoos.

(Possible only if I get over my fear of a weird allergic reaction to getting tattooed.)


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Dec 7, 2008


....on what I love most to make.
This week it's the little felted (fulled, technically) pots. Here are three patiently awaiting transformation.