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Oct 21, 2007

A Fairy Pot for Raven

I've decided that blogging is like having a baby in that if you want to do it only when all conditions are just so, stars and projects and finances in perfect alignment, the Right will never happen. You just go ahead and do it.

It's been a month since my last entry, far too long. I've been knitting madly, finishing things (!), felting, thinking long thoughts, breathing. There are photographs to take, explanations to write, and I never feel I have enough time to do it, to create a blog entry that will please my vision of a blog entry.

Is it better to blog and blog less-than-perfect than never to blog at all? Today I'm saying yes to that. I'm jumping over all the projects and thoughts of the last month to show this....hmmm, wouldn't you know I am trying to create an entry after this long time and now psyching myself up to do it and Blogger won't let me upload any pictures!

Aha -- I'll see if I can find a way around by uploading to my own web space and dancing through the mysterious (to me, at least) labyrinth of this page's html. Here goes....

woo-hooo - I did it! Above is a little needle-felted lidded pot, about 3" high and 3" at its widest point. I was making it for my own self and amusement, but about halfway through, it began to make itself clear that it was to belong to my granddaughter Raven, a little gift to give at the family party for her 12th birthday.

Inside, I tucked a chunk of amethyst crystals. Wish I'd also taken a picture of the inside of the pot - there is a swirly spiral of red-violet in the center.

The party was last night and she seemed quite taken with the fairy pot. My other gift to her is our very own private, custom-designed workshop at the local bead shop, Beading Paradise. We are going to plan a project that will require skills we'd like to have (both of us want to learn to do wirework) and Binnie will get the materials and create a workshop just for us. Cool, huh?

Happy, happy birthday, Raven - you are one special person and I cherish the time we get to spend together!!

I shall end with a picture of the September scrumble I sent to my exchange partner in the Women's Artistic Soul yahoo group:

I hesitate to make a public commitment, but I really, really intend to blog more regularly, if imperfectly and anachronistically. I.....gulp....promise!!!

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