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Aug 16, 2005

Under Construction / Day One

Hollow Sphere 1: Refuge (2005)

6", Coopworth wool, hand-dyed, wet-felted

I personally am under construction and probably will be so for the remainder of my life. I am quite excited about creating this blog, and just started last night. I've spent this morning figuring out how to customize the basic template provided by this site and am pleased with what I've been able to figure out.

I'd like this space to be primarily about my creative spirit and the work I want to do with fiber and words. I'm a mother of four with an almost-empty nest, and this is a time of great transition for me. Terrible things have happened in my family over the last two and a half years, challenges upon the normal challenges of mid-life, and some of them are ongoing. These events have dramatically changed me, at least to me. And I chose to take a new name, not completely different, just a permutation of my birth name, just as I am not a completely different me, but a permutation. So Suzanne becomes 'Zann....


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