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Aug 18, 2005

Starbrim Hat w/Leafy Band

Here are some more in-process pictures of the band for the Starbrim Hat. Once again, I love how something comes off the needles, looking....well, not much like the thing you envisioned. And then some end-weaving-in, some steam, and, in this case, a little needle-felting...and there it is. I call this the Leafy Band (as you will probably see, my current knitting obsession is leaves). I knitted each leaf right on to the previous leaf, by picking up stitches along the end of the previous leaf. I alternated the side of the leaf I picked up on, and randomly changed between three sizes of leaves.

------ Just Off the Needles ------

----- After Steaming with Iron -----

At this point, I went over each leaf with a felting needle. I poked around the edges of each leaf, and along the stitches where they join, not into those stitches, but just beside them. This created a more raised effect, like an outline, and emphasizes the curves where leaves join. I did not needle-felt the body of the leaf.

I'm posting two pictures of the finished hat - the first because it shows the Leafy Band better, the second because it shows the true colors better.
So here it is: Starbrim Hat with Leafy Band.

I'm not sure what today's project will be - perhaps some spinning, as I've been neglecting that a bit. It's one of the days I'm caring for my infant granddaughter, who requires much holding, so I expect that is going to be the real (and totally welcomed) project!


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