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Aug 19, 2005


When I first started working with the beautiful hand-dyed rovings I've been using, I was also experimenting with freeform crochet (an experiment that I had to temporarily abandon to work on the things I want to have in my booth at the arts fair.) The following is a little thing I made to see what would happen if I felted a crocheted piece out of that fiber. It was just a round and round spiraling shape. I've been trying to not just have a bunch of bits of experiments about, so I made two pieces and sewed them together, thinking I'd make a little change purse. Well this:

is not a purse....It's

an inhaler cosy!

I have to carry my inhaler with me most everywhere for Just in Case and I like having it in this cheerful little pocket. Furthermore, I discovered that the inhaler combined with the cosy has expanded the usefulness of both items. If I ever need to amuse a small child in a waiting room, I can do storytelling with the help of:

Cosy the Snail !

The very appearance of Cosy has amused adults, and today I offer her appearance for your amusement.


At 8/20/05, 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An inhaler cosy - and one that looks like a snail! What a great idea! I also like the hat band you're making too.

Lea in So. Indiana


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