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Apr 25, 2022

Pink, With Joy Sticks



 Pink With Joy Sticks/ Spring Spell
Cotton-rayon warp, hand-dyed cotton strips, wire, thread, cotton ribbon yarn

Mar 29, 2022

ArtsIlliana Gallery Show Acceptance

 (I hate to see Lizards In The Leaves languish so. Looks like the only way I'll be able to put some life back into this  blog is to post my Instagram pics and thoughts.  Which will be very redundant for anyone who follows me on social media. Except I'll probably be inspired to add a little something here to expand on the post.)

These three pieces were accepted for the next ArtsIlliana gallery show and were delivered Saturday.

What a boost to my spirit it was to even submit in the first place.

I am taking it slowly, but trying to emerge. It’s a new life. With new rules and expectations. And I am not calling anything any kind of ‘normal.’

Mending The Ghostskin (2021)
8.5” X 11”
Cotton fabric, vintage hand-dyed remnants,
 hand-dyed cotton embroidery floss,
appliqued, stitched, embroidered.


Charm For Moments Of Equanimity (2021)
3.75” x 7”
Cotton warp, wool weft with reclaimed
sari silk yarn & ribbon,
kantha quilt remnants, clay face*,
woven, stitched, braided, tied

Charm for Sun & Bluest Skies (2021)
3.5” x 7”
Cotton warp, reclaimed sari silk ribbon,
 kantha quilt remnants,
vintage plastic button,
woven, stitched, braided, tied

*Face by Lyn Belisle.
Her Etsy shop is Earthshards

Oct 10, 2021



This is a self-portrait of me as a new septuagenarian. It might be my spirit. It might be the wild rooms of my mind. It might be the ramshackle boat of my heart sailing a purple sea. And it might be all three.

Feb 26, 2021

100 Day Project - Days 25 & 26


the hundred day project
day 25 & 26
Charm for Spring Greening & Blooming
3" X 3.5" weaving
cotton yarn & fabric,  vintage kantha remnant backing

100 Day Project-Days 12 - 24

Playing catch-up here.

day 12
Kantha quilt scraps


day 13
Kantha quilt scraps

day 14
word bit
Kantha quilt scraps, inkjet printed muslin

Finished on Valentine's Day. My momma was love personified and died, fittingly, on a Valentine’s Day. 
I think of her and all my beloved dead.


day 15
Not a pin. A bauble. A bit.
Kantha quilt scraps.

day 16
Deconstructed serendipity
Kantha quilt scrap
This scrap was 7 layers! My favorite bit is the second square.

day 17
Kantha quilt scraps

day 18
Word bit
Hand-dyed cloth and threads by @deblacativa , inkjet on muslin


 Not a one-day project, but finished this day.
Words come from random journal entries printed on cloth, then cut up. 

day 19
Kantha quilt scraps

day 20
Stitched Bit -Portal
Playing with light behind

days 21 and 22
Charm for Happiness with Happy Button
Woven part 3.5” X 4.5”

days 23 & 24
Charm for a Simpler Life

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Feb 11, 2021

100 Day Project - Day 11


The Hundred Day Project - Day 11

deconstructed serendipity diary
Kantha quilt scraps

Vintage kantha quilts are made of three to seven layers of cloth, no batting, held together with kantha stitching: lines of running stitches, hundreds upon hundreds. One of my favorite things to do is to discover those hidden textiles. Usually, they are worn, stained or patched, living another life as  warmth-giving layers.
When I remove the stitching to get at them, I never fail to take a moment to think of the anonymous hands that put together the original quilt, that threaded the needle, that made those lines and lines of  tiny stitches.
I've begun a practice of taking a small square of a kantha scrap, deconstructing it, and stitching each piece to a backing in the order in which it was stacked together. 

This is the record of three kantha quilts. The top and bottom pieces are the seen layers. The middle pieces are what was hidden inside. It's all random, what appears on the inner layers, which part of a pattern, the colors. Serendipity.

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100 Day Project - Day 10


The Hundred Day Project - Day 10
Kantha quilt scraps.

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100 Day Project - Day 9


The Hundred Day Project - Day 9
Kantha quilt scraps. 

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Feb 8, 2021

100 Day Project - Day 8


The Hundred Day Project - Day 8

Kantha quilt scraps. 


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Feb 7, 2021

100 Day Project - Day 7


The Hundred Day Project - Day  7
Kantha quilt scraps.

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